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5 Small Ways to Begin a Daily Yoga Practice

The physical yoga postures, or asanas, are just one small part of the yogic practice. Yoga is something we can constantly practice, through breathing, through mental wellness practices, and through acts of service to others and the planet. 

1. Begin the day with 10 rounds of conscious breathing- 4 count inhale, 4 count exhale

2. Shift your mental perspectives by writing down 5 things you are grateful for 

3. Turn ordinary routines like making coffee into rituals, by being present throughout the process and appreciating each step 

4.Engage in a daily body scan: find a comfortable position and systematically bring your awareness to different body parts, allowing them to soften and relax with your attention

5.Spend 5 minutes in organic movement, whether that is dancing, shaking, stretching or skipping- it’s all yoga!   

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