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Loving Action Beyond Protest

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

It's 2020 and here we are we are still.

The events of the past month with the murder of Amhaud Abery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Manuel Ellis are part of a history of racism and systematic oppression in the United States that goes back over 400 years. Although there have been important strides in terms of improving the lives of people of color, it is far from over. We are in the middle of the next big civil rights movement and we need to ask ourselves, "What will my role be in this historic moment?"

“I am furious/frustrated/horrified, but what can I do?”

I have been hearing this again and again over the last several years and that anguish has risen significantly since – yet another - series of violent and needless deaths of African Americans in our country. This is not a new issue.

Once again there is outrage.

Once again, there is protest.

Once again people ask, “What can I do?”

I fully support people walking out into the streets in protest – I have walked with them. We are angry that people are dying at the hands of those who are there to protect simply because of their skin color. But I also know that we need to do more.

Below is a list of many different ways to support change. It’s not that we can do all of these things, but it is crucial that each of us do something. We cannot stand by in our comfortable place anymore. Our humanity demands we act.  [Find a document with explanations of these actions along with several resources HERE].

Here’s what we can do…




Speak Up

Stand Up

Listen Up

Attend a Rally or Protest

Education – You

Education – Youth

Reclaim Your community


Support Local Organizations

Support Local Businesses of People of Color

Embrace Diversity

Sign a Pledge

Walk the Walk

Be Your Own Fact-Checker


Have an Online Presence

Support Our Youth

Encourage Others

If So Inclined…

Meet Regularly

Self Care

Write an Activist Statement

I invite you into the conversation. I invite you into activism. May our responses be respectful, intelligent and well thought out. And may we hear what others have to say with an open heart and curious mind.

Peace, Misi

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