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This site was originally intended for something very different and it may morph into that at some point but, right now our collective needs are that of calm, community, and trying to survive. (Literally.) Maybe we can even thrive, a little, no pressure. (Hey, I changed out of my pajamas before noon.)  That counts, right?

Living in the Bay Area we have been home for over a month. My husband and I are so very lucky, we have a house with enough room that we can both work independently and apart for several hours a day, and we have a yard.  Planting seeds and watching them grow has been my reason to get dressed every day, I put on jeans and inspect the gardens looking for new buds and cheering them on.  That said, the feelings of overwhelm crash down like waves at bizarre and unpredictable intervals on to both of us.


Anxiety is high, the unknown and worry for friends and family swirl in our brains.  Is that choking feeling an anxiety attack or the onset of covid? How about the waves of melancholy? Watching blatant disregard for life in exchange for a buck.  Businesses failing, unemployment rising, even as I type this I can feel my chest tighten. (Covid?)

This isn’t how the downfall of capitalism was supposed to go.

What am I getting at?  Well, here goes… I have in my life been lucky enough to travel the world and meet incredible people.  So many strong women running businesses, making art, creating joy. I thought it would magic if they could meet and talk and help one another. Oh what we could create.

I want to invite you all to a place where there are experts from every field helping one another, answering questions, giving advice. Yoga instructors offering classes, health coaches tailoring workouts, seamstresses giving mask tutorials, chefs providing cooking classes, gardening advice, business coaching, raising chickens, art classes… You get the idea.  This will be smaller and more focused then tossing a question into the Facebook universe.  We are here together. This is our community.  If you can make a donation to the individual providing the service please do.  If you can’t right now that’s ok too.  Let’s be in this mess together, at least 6 feet apart.

Darling Citizen was founded by Elizabeth Smith

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In an effort to help those who find themselves out of work, and those disconnected from their usual communities. I wanted to create a community where we could exchange ideas, services, and support one another by lifting each other up.

Thank you for being here darling citizen!

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