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Naomi Levy is an internationally renowned, award winning bartender based in Boston. Best known for her time as the bar manager of Eastern Standard (2010-2016), she has won multiple regional and national titles including Bacardi Legacy US winner, Diego World Class National Finalist, and Speed Rack Boston. In 2019 she was named Best Bartender by Boston Magazine as well as 40 under 40 by Wine Enthusiast. Naomi has most recently been working as a bar & restaurant consultant, developing programs around the Boston area. Naomi is also the founder of Beyond the Mixing Glass, a company aiming to bring the principals of bartending and hospitality to a wider audience.

Want to take your home bartending game to the next level? Ever wonder what the difference really is between tequila and mezcal? Want to know what you can make using the ingredients you already have lying around the house? Or just want to do something fun and different with your friends and family while we’re all stuck at home? 


Naomi is offering virtual cocktail classes via zoom! Learn how to properly shake and stir making 3 different cocktails or have Naomi guide you in a spirit tasting. Each class is fully customizable and comes with a custom cocktail recipe based on your preferences and ingredients that you will learn to make! 


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