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Finding hope and happiness in dark times.

Sitting alone at home day after day can lead our minds down some interesting paths. I have found myself remembering things from my youth that I thought were long forgotten. Good, bad, whatever, we are stuck alone with our thoughts more than we’d like on most days.

I mean...just watching the daily news can invoke feelings of panic and anger. Our fundamental needs and safety are jeopardized right now. That said, we must continue to trudge through these days as at least semi-functioning adults. There are techniques and tools available to ease the burden on your heart and brain. Colleen is a master of several.

I have known Colleen for several years and she has given me guidance on a number of issues. Honestly, sometimes just hearing the tone of Colleen’s calming voice is enough to take me out of whatever funk I am stuck in. She has many talents but her coaching is the stuff of legends. She is a certified hypnotherapist, a spiritual practitioner, and an all around calming force in our universe right now. She has been kind enough to offer her services to the Darling Citizen Community during this crisis. Now, this is some woo woo stuff but it is used in a very logical and systematic way to create results. She has changed my life by providing tools that have allowed me to let go of old hurt and anger and in doing so, allowed me to heal not only my own heart but also to heal humanity. I think we could all use a little more of that right now.

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