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Thinking about organizing but don't know where to start?

We are all sitting at home with our list of projects that we continue to push off, power watching shows that aren’t even all that good, eating our body weight in cheese and attempting to distract ourselves from the dumpster fire that is 2020. I know that we are all just trying to breathe and not completely lose our shit but maybe while trapped we can scratch things off of our to-do list so that when we FINALLY are free we can spend our days relaxing with friends.

It has been suggested (by my bestie, and a bunch of experts on the internet) that setting up a routine and completing a small task daily can stave off depression, anxiety, and help add structure to our lives on this 56th of March.

On my to-do list is my bedroom closet. It is a mess. I still have a cardboard box with scarves and hats that I moved in 1 year ago and have yet to unpack. I have completed every other organizing task in my house except this one. When I look at it I don’t know where to start, I don’t know the best way to organize it, I don’t know what to keep and what to give away, I don't know how much storage to set aside for shoes, and so on.

That is where our expert Jeffrey Henderson comes in. An accomplished personal organizer as well as interior designer, I have to say I truly believe that a more organized and methodical person does not exist. (Step aside Martha. You should see how he loads a dishwasher.) He is able to look at your seemingly insurmountable tasks and break them into smaller achievable goals. Jeffrey has an eye for organization and for creating ease of use in any space, all the while being funny and approachable. I have consulted with him on several occasions. Whether it’s organizing my kitchen drawers, sorting and filing office papers, arranging furniture and decorating my house he is always able to make the process go smoothly. Usually, with some hilarity involved. So now we will tackle this freaking closet.

If you are sitting at home wondering where to start, how to start, or just need a nudge, he is your guy. He has agreed to lend us a hand during this difficult and complicated time. Let’s take him up on it.


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