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30 day


Tone Up

Let's get our bodies moving.

A little daily movement can help improve the quality of all of our lives right now. 

Exercise is proven to improve mental health, boost immunity, increase productivity, promote restful sleep, and on and on...

Let's do this together. Coach Mar has written a month long toning program that only takes 15 minutes a day. 

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We will wake your body back up.  We will stretch and activate those muscles that have become tight due to limited activity and screen time. We will gently nudge our bodies back to a state of movement. 


We will start asking a little more of ourselves while continuing to stretch and heal any neck and back pain from our digital lives.


This is when the fun really starts.  We will be pushing our bodies and feeling the burn.  This is where group support and motivation and going to amp up.


This is bittersweet. Our bodies are ready to move and our time is wrapping up. No worries! You can sign up again.

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Get extra content, coaching and support by joining our CORE-antine Facebook group.

Watch workouts and get tips on Coach Mar's private Darling Citizen Youtube videos. 

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